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A general glossary of terms is available here. The below are additional terms that may be of interest as related to the open source project specifically.

Additional Terms

  • ROOT AuthGroup - The Root AuthGroup is a special group of unique users created by the owner of the UE Auth service upon first run before any other data has been entered or persisted. In terms of organization of data, the Root AuthGroup is structured just like any other AuthGroup; however, UE Auth itself treats anyone with membership to the Root AuthGroup as a super user, able to make requests across other AuthGroups. Only a single "ROOT" AuthGroup can ever exist at one time. Creation requires a code which you set yourself in the config of the service. If you are installing and deploying this service yourself, you will be creating the Root AuthGroup before you do anything else. Take care to never add anyone to the Root AuthGroup to whom you do not want to give Super Admin privileges.
  • Plugins - Plugins are external interface connections. There are plugins defined for notifications, transaction challenges, and event streaming.
  • Operations - Operations are basically commands using the REST interface to manage actions against system resources. Operations can for example initiate a password reset, rotate an oAuth client's secret, or even completely rotate the public and private OIDC configuration keys of your AuthGroup.

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