UE Auth Open Source

An overview of the UE Auth open source project


Knowledge of the UE Auth open source project is NOT REQUIRED to use the commercially available UE Auth solution at ueauth.com

Much of what is discussed under the UE Auth Open Source folder in these docs is ONLY applicable to you if you are attempting to run your own instance of the open source solution locally. If that's not you, we suggest you check the UE Auth Guides section if you are looking for help on something specific to avoid confusion.

UE Auth is a Patent Pending multi-tenant OIDC / OAuth 2.0 provider and identity management platform that features (non-exhaustive):

  • User management
  • Organization management (e.g., customers, departments, groups, etc.)
  • Product management
  • Role & Fine-grained permissions by product (actions that can be taken agains highly specific elements of a product)
  • B2B product access managed and mapped between customers, users, and products
  • An interface to retrieve all access for a user through the OIDC token
  • Plugin support for notifications, event streaming, transaction challenges (MFA, Device Login, etc.), and WebAuthN
  • Magic link, social, and passwordless logins
  • Federated SSO globally or by product supporting OIDC, OAuth, and SAML protocols

The project is intended to create a single hybrid solution to serve as identity and access for both self-registered B2C apps and enterprise B2B solutions. The feature set combines the functionality you find in traditional commercial auth providers for identity management from the last decade, but provides the missing pieces development organizations typically have to build on their own, all as one package that can be run as a container.

This section of our documentation reviews the working of the open source project itself.

The UE Auth project is at the heart of the United Effects Core Platform.

The UE Auth Open Source project does not include any pre-integrated plugin services or a User Interface. The UE Auth Commercial solution includes much more functionality because both plugins and a UI have been integrated as part of the SaaS offering.

UE Auth does not include any of the code that enables UE Streams, which is not an opened source project.


This section of our documentation is under construction and may not yet be reflective of all functionality in the project.

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