The following technologies are instrumental to the success of UE Auth and are listed here as reference and credit:

  • Node OIDC Provider - OpenID Certified™ OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server implementation for Node.js
  • Express JS - Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
  • MongoDB - An extremely fast, scalable, and versatile document-oriented database
  • Mongoose ODM - Elegant mongodb object modeling for node.js
  • JSON Patch - JSON Patch is a format for describing changes to a JSON document.
  • Open API (swagger) - A specification language for HTTP APIs that provides a standardized means to define your API to others.
  • Axios JS - Promise based isomorphic HTTP client for the browser and node.js
  • Passport JS - Passport is authentication middleware for Node.js.
  • Privakey - Zero Trust, Zero Friction, Passwordless Solutions
  • - Connective Technology for Adaptive Edge & Distributed Systems (event messaging and streaming)
  • Apache Pulsar - Cloud-Native, Distributed Messaging and Streaming

For a full list of technologies integrated into the solution along with current supported versions, see the package.json file.

UE Auth Contributors: