Getting Started

This page has everything you need to integrate with United Effects™.

UE Auth secures both its own API and that of UE Streams. In order to interact or integrate external systems with these APIs, you must generate a bearer token specific to your Auth Group.

There are two ways to get started with this API. Easiest way is to log into UE Auth Portal and then click "Account" on the top right. On the Account window left navigation, click "Settings". At the bottom of the window click "Show my token" and then the copy icon.

This is your current access token to both UE Auth and UE Streams and is already configured with all of your current permissions. In other words, anything you can do on the UI, you can now send an API request for here. Paste this token into the Bearer Authentication input on the endpoints you'd like to test.

A good place to start might be Validate Access endpoint where you can see exactly which Products, Organizations, Roles, and Permissions are attributed to your token. Click Here.

Production Integrations

Whoa there... don't attempt to integrate with your Access Token

While the above method can get you started exploring, it is not a viable solution for true integration. To create a resilient and secure client integration with this API and generate your own tokens, click here.