United Effects™ API Integrations

You can create secure API connections to this or any other API using UE Auth.

Client Credential access allows you to create secure machine-to-machine interactions between APIs that do not require a person to login.

API Integrations are not Global

For security, each API grouping requires a different Client Credential integration. API groupings include:

  • UE Auth - Identity, access, products, permissions, roles, organizations, MFA, etc.
  • UE Streams - Streams, subjects, stream access, etc.
  • UE Webhooks - Manage webhooks for UE Auth data
  • UE Audit, and - Query database for all UE Auth data and product access
  • UE Solutions - Query database of your Auth Groups current solutions and usage stats

UE Auth Integration

Check out the doc explaining UE Auth integration by clicking the button below.