Create an Organization User Profile (name, contact info, bio, etc.) for an Account associated to this Organization

While Accounts themselves do not carry personal information, two concepts in UE Auth do: Secured Profiles and Organization User Profiles (as described here). Organizations may need to define information about their users such as first and last name, address, or other data over which they wish to have a measure of control. This data is limited in scope to the Organization itself and access is limited to Organization administrators or the Account holder. As such, Organization User Profiles are unique only to the Organization but reference a single unique Account in the AuthGroup. One Account could have as many Organization User Profiles as there are Organizations to which the Account has been given access. In contrast, Secured Profiles are entirely controlled by the Account holder (user) and not accessible by anyone other than that user. Secured Profile data can be requested but must always be actively approved and provided or denied by the User. In future iterations, it will be possible to request an Organization User Profile be seeded from a Secured Profile.

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