Register a new or existing user as part of an organization

If you intend to add or create a user specific to your organization, this is the correct API. You may want to use the account/search API first. This method will check to see if a user with the email specified exists. If the user exists, an organization access record will be added to that user's account, otherwise, the user is first created and then the access record added. This API does not allow you to set a password, one will be generated. If notifications are enabled (recommended), the caller will never see the password and a notification will be sent to the user or they can simply trigger a password reset to claim the account. If notifications are not enabled, the generated password will be returned with this call and include a warning that notifications are disabled. Please note that the only data provided by this endpoint (or any Account API) is the id, username, and email of the user within this AuthGroup. The Account record holds no personal information aside from this email address and an optional phone number which is only visible to that Account owner.

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